From Our Lodge President

President’s Message

October is the month we recognize our heritage because it coincides with Columbus Day.


On October 12, 1492, Columbus and his crew aboard the Santa Maria sited land. This is now known as the Bahamas.

He made 3 more trips across the Atlantic from Spain in 1493, 1498 and again in 1502. He died at age 55 due to heart failure. It was referred to as “gout” of which modern day doctors suspect is Reiter’s Syndrome: a reactive arthritis caused by bacterial intestinal infections or sexually transmitted diseases. How he acquired it is unknown but said to have started on his 1st trip. He suffered from fevers, eye bleeding and prolonged painful bouts of gout which made him bedridden for months at a time. This continued for 14 years until his death on May 20, 1506.

We will celebrate Columbus Day on the original day this year with a wreath laying ceremony in Torrey Park


.This is where our ancestors initially settled when arriving in Geneva. Come to our commemorating ceremony of our Geneva roots and hear a citing of the history of our ancestors settling. This is taking place at 6:00pm followed by a reception at the lodge with wine and hors’d oeuvres. Feel free to bring your family.


October is the time we celebrate where we come from, our roots and the things we preserve to pass on to the future generations. Let’s do this as a lodge of sisters and brothers. Bring pictures and stories to share.

October 12th at 6:00pm at the Torrey Park Monument immediately followed by a reception at the lodge.

At our September Assembly Meeting we initiated our newest members:

Sharon Elder, Nick Quartaro , Elizabeth Bond, Jeffrey Bond, Thomas Cook Jr, Stephanie Quartaro, Dee Tantillo, Luann Grillone, David Grillone, Michael Rago, Gary Ventura, Marshall Foster, Michelle Helstrom, Estelle & Terry Hall.

Reinstated members Lisa Davoli, Pete Pashley, David Foster, Santo Lidestri

Please show them a warm welcome when you see them at our lodge.



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